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Saimin Seishidou – Episode 1 - Watch Hentai

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Hajime Tanaka possesses powers quite unlike that of other students. Thanks to his hypnotic abilities, he can impose his will upon any individual he comes in contact with. He uses this skill to convince a government official to appoint him as a "Sex Counsellor." Consequently, his word is absolute when it comes to sexual matters. Instituted by his new jurisdiction, every couple must undergo counseling under Hajime's watchful eye before engaging in any form of romantic activity.The first couple to visit Hajime are Yui Obata and Daiki Tachibana. With unwavering hypnosis-induced faith in their Sex Counsellor, Yui subjects herself to the careful inspection of Hajime. Meanwhile, her boyfriend watches them attentively and records their intercourse so as not to miss out on any precious snippet of wisdom.