The story takes place in a colosseum where the world’s strongest warriors compete to take first place. At the top of the pyramid is a young red-haired warrior who, thanks to her strength and ability to wield a sword, was recognized as the best fighter in the arena. Also at the top is the priestess of the kingdom. She retired a long time ago due to her marriage, but then returned to fighting again because she needed money to support her family. In addition, among other warriors there is a dark elf who is fighting for the revival of the dark elf forest, destroyed by people. And now this girl wants to take revenge on the human race. And at the bottom of the pyramid is a weak man who, thanks to the acquired hypnotic abilities, is now able to resist all the fighters in the arena, as well as arrange sexual shows with female rivals.

Kyonyuu Onna Senshi: Dogeza Saimin
Kyonyuu Onna Senshi: Dogeza Saimin
Kyonyuu Onna Senshi: Dogeza Saimin

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Alternative title 巨乳女戦士・土下座催眠
First air date Jun. 03, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Average Duration 16 minutes

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