Zeus was an omniscient and omnipotent god who rules Heaven where gods lived. However, he was a pervert who had a wish to flirt with young angels not being known by his wife, Hera.

He came up with an idea to make use of the promotion examination took place every three years. Three angels, Yu, Miki, and Chado-ko came down to the earth to take the exams. When they began to work as part-time jobs at the flower shop, the severe trials occurred one after another.

Zeus was taking care of them secretly. However it’s not from his kindness, but from his pervert desire. But, his activities were known in the lower world…


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Alternative title アンジェリウム
First air date Nov. 25, 2004
Last air date Dec. 25, 2004
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Average Duration 29 minutes

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